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Calantha Tailor

Easy order - Quality product - Affordable price

4 chinos and 2 shirts

I knew Calantha Tailor through a friend. It was exact as what he complimented about them. All garments were finished in 24 hours, I could not image that they were so quick. I received them after 6 days and was very thrilled with the quality and the perfect fit. I highly recommend Calantha to my friends
- Peter Gambell

100% happy

I am 100% happy with the quality of service and products from Calantha
- Jenny

Excellent in every way!

I came upon Calantha by chance. However, I have now ordered four times from them in less than a year (including a jacket and some shirts). I’m very impressed, with the quality and the service. My next order will be some chinos. And no doubt more after that. They are really excellent in every way.
- Gabriel Stein

Top service and quality

The suit fits perfect. Thank you Vicky for the help1
- Dean Stein

Great service and suit

Vicky helped me to make sure the suit was right size. The superb quality of fabric and stitching. Very happy with the purchase. I will definitely place other orders in the future. Thank you Vicky!
- Denis Pitcher

excellent suit

I had a morning suit at Calantha. I loved the suit very much. It fits perfectly. Definitely have other suits
- Bill Coates

Excellent tailor

Very amazing suit! Vicky has an excellent taste! Attention to details is beyond expectations
- Nick Allen
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