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All Calantha garments are made by highly skilled and experienced tailors under strict quality control to provide you with a perfect garment. In rare occasions, your product may be have damage – that is why we create Warranty Policy

The damage under the warranty includes:

  • Faded color
  • Unstitching
  • Shrinking
  • Bubbling
  • Wrong fit

Period of warranty

  • 12 months for manufacturing and fabric faults
  • 7 days for wrong fit
  • Warranty applies only products purchased from Calantha for these periods from the date of receiving the garment

How it work

If the garment requires only a few adjustments in order to perfect, take it to a local tailor:

  1. Send us the photo of your issue
  2. If we recognize it’s defective product within the warranty period, we will ask you to take the item to a local tailor for a quote to repair (an invoice and a short description of the adjustments)
  3. If we see the quote is comparative to our labour costs, we will cover the cost
  4. If the alteration cost is too high, we will ask you to send it back to us:
  • You pay to send it to us
  • We fix it free of charge
  • We cover the cost of shipping back to you (Airmail)

On the rare occasion that your garment can not be altered, we will remake it for you:

  1. Send us the photos of your issue
  2. After verifying your case, we will ask you to confirm everything for remaking the garment
  3. We proceed to do a remake of the garment
  4. The garment is ready, we will send you the photo for your approval
  5. Once you send us the go ahead, we will ship the new garment to you.

If there is any issue with your order, please contact us to solve it right away!!!